We Are The Music Makers, And We Are The Dreamers of Dreams

We have 3 types of apparel that the students and family members wear.  Below are the descriptions.  Another opportunity to order Band Apparel will occur after Band Camp.

Blue band shirt -  Students will get them this summer.  It's a royal blue shirt with a "C" logo in the left corner of the shirt.  Every band student gets one (included in your fee).  This is part of their "summer" uniform.  Their summer uniform is the blue shirt with a pair of khaki shorts.  This is what they wear for the parades as well as the performance at band camp.  Usually the August football game too as it's normally too warm for the regular band uniforms.
Show shirt - each year we have a theme to our show. Each student gets one of those shirts at the end of band camp.  It is also included in their band fee.  These shirts vary by year. Parents can order these shirts also - More information on ordering will be sent out before camp.  
Basic Band Apparel -  These are usually grey or blue and they offer sweatshirts, t-shirts, sweatpants, etc.  These items are for sale now and  we do one more sale in August.  These carry our "C" music logo.  Most parents, siblings and students will order these to show their support.  You see a lot of the hoodies at the football games, or t-shirts at things like the parades or competitions.  Band Apparel Order Link