We Are The Music Makers, And We Are The Dreamers of Dreams

Please Make Checks Payable to:

Gibraltar Music Boosters

There are additional items which your child will be responsible for purchasing. These are items which can be kept and used year after year, if he/she continues marching and doesn't have too many growth spurts. The form for ordering these items will be available in the Band Camp Handbook handed out in the Band Camp Parent Meetings. The handbook can also be found on this page: Home. Please fill this form out and turn it in on the first day of camp with payment in the form of Cash/Money Order/Check made payable to Gibraltar Music Boosters.

  • Marching Shoes                                  $ 36.00
  • Gloves (Band Proper)                           $  2.75  a pair
  • Leather Gloves (Guard)                        $ 16.00
  • Valve Oil, Reeds, Pencils, Etc.
  • Black Socks. These are not sold through the school as the above items are. Socks can be picked up at Target, Meijer, Kohls, etc...

Please be aware that many students will likely remove the tips of their gloves (not the leather gloves), so they can play their instruments. It is highly suggested that more than one pair is bought, as these have a tendency to be lost. Many times by the end of the season they are also no longer white. 3 to 4 pairs should be sufficient.

The $475/$450 covers the cost of attending camp, the summer uniform, competition uniform (cleaning fee), and transportation to most marching band events, staff fees, competition fees, production costs, extra food, and miscellaneous items.

● Band Camp
▪ 7 Days 6 Nights at Camp -- 3 meals + snack dailey
▪ Camp activities: swimming, archery, more
● Group instrument instruction
● Group marching instruction
● Evening activities
● Custom Drill
● Custom Music
● Qualified Instructors
● Transportation to and from most Band events
● Practice food during long rehearsals
● Uniform Rental and Cleaning fee
● Custom Show Shirt
● Custom show props
● Free student admission to athletic events
● Possible appearance on national television
● Best friends for life
● Part of the LARGEST student organization in the GSD

Band Camp Cost per Student:  $475 for 1st student and $450 for second student per family. The payment schedule is as follows:

  • Non-Refundable Deposit  = $ 125.00 due by April 16th
  • May 16th - 1st Payment  = $ 100.00
  • June 16th - 2nd Payment  = $ 100.00
  • July 16th - Last Payment = $ 100.00
  • July 29th -- $50 OR BALANCE -- FORMS ALSO DUE!

Marching Band Balance can be paid off at anytime.

All Balances must be paid in full by July 29th, before your student can attend Camp.