We Are The Music Makers, And We Are The Dreamers of Dreams

Gordon Krupsky - Pit Instructor

Meet Tony "Drum Set":

At the earlier age of 3, Tony started hitting his little first act drum with a stick that was connected to the drum by a string. It was at this point where a love for drumming began to develop. Over the years he took interest in many other instruments, but mostly spent time in the basement playing his drums along to some rock tunes on a CD player. He started his school music career on the flute, and following that played the alto, tenor, and baritone saxophone all the way through his senior year.
Tony's marching career began in the 8th grade where he joined the drumline and played bass 2 for the Carlson Marching Marauder Band. All 4 years of his high school career were spent on the tenor drums with his twin brother Kyle. After high school Tony started his indoor marching career a little late by playing drumset in 2011 with Eastside Fury Percussion, an independent world class group. For the following season, Tony found himself on the tenor line at Motor City Percussion. His final WGI marching endeavor was the 2013 season where he marched tenors at Eastside Fury.

While all of this was going on, Tony also has been instructing the Trenton High School drumline for the past 3 years and the Carlson High School drumline for the last 2. He enjoys working with these groups and pushing them to their limits. After realizing the lack of competitive music programs in the downriver area, he along with the other staff formed Lake Effect Percussion to help kids further their percussion skills and get started in this wonderful activity early on.

Tony Schelevitz - Drumline Instructor 

Meet Gordon:

Gordon Krupsky graduated with an associate degree in Liberal Arts from Schoolcraft College in 2010 and went on to receive a Bachelor of Arts in Music degree from Oakland University in 2013. While at Schoolcraft, Gordon was a 2.5 year veteran of the college’s Synthesizer Ensemble and studied percussion with Jim Ryan. In his three years at Oakland, Gordon was a member of a number of ensembles, including... the university’s Percussion Ensemble, two jazz improvisation combos, the Steel Band, and the Wind Symphony. Here, he was instructed in percussion by Dan Maslanka and in upper-level music theory by Melissa Hoag and Jessica Payette.

Gordon has been the front ensemble instructor with the Carlson High School Marching Marauder Band since 2008 where he is tasked with whipping kids into shape and writing challenging music for them. He enjoys exploring experimental music, studying the language of jazz, and playing the Purdie and Bonham shuffles on a regular basis. Gordon loves to eat Jimmy John's and drink loads of coffee on a daily basis. You can find him shooting some pinball in his free time breaking high scores and taking names.

Each year, Mr. Brockington invites Marching Marauder alumni to assist with instructing the band during camp. 

See below for last year's roster of superbly talented past Marching Marauders who will assist with transforming this year's students to put on a show even better than the last year. (though last year was pretty amazing!)