We Are The Music Makers, And We Are The Dreamers of Dreams

Gibraltar Community Center Map

4:45pm - Arrive at Gibraltar Community Center in full uniform to warm up.  We will not have buses so you must arrange for rides there. 

5:00pm - Parade kicks off  -  The route is from the community center to CHS.  We follow South Gibraltar Rd (past the DQ). 

5:45pm - Parade finishes at CHS - Water and Eat Food

6:25pm - Band gathers to do pre-game warm up on the warm-up field by the parking lot with 8th grade and alumni performers.

6:45pm -  Pre-game performance with alumni and 8th grade

7pm - Football game
7:45?ish - Halftime -  They will crown the Queen and we will perform what we can during what time is left for us. 

9:30pm - Clean Band room, hang up uniforms, and then dismissed.