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Tips for New Marching Marauders

Hard Work & Determination = Success.  You don't arrive to Band Camp perfect, you leave that way.  --- Scott

Always be early, always be ready to go, and always maintain a positive attitude! AND Don't Forget Sunscreen!!  Bring extra everything to Band Camp. Also lay everything out in advance because you will have very limited time to get ready. Finally, showers - plan ahead, the water will be cold and you will have approximately 3 minutes to shower. --- Sara

Work to excel; bring the band up with you, not down.  Participate in everything, go socialize, and go out of your comfort zone. --- anonymous

There is no such thing as hazing and as long as you are respectable to others, they will respect you. Be cooperative! --- Kyle

Band isn't for everyone. If you really enjoy it, more power to you, if you don't it's always fun to watch. Don't come if you don't want to be there. For Band Camp: SOCKS. Lots and lots of socks and layers. It has rained, snowed, sleeted, tornadoed, and been sunny enough to die. Be Prepared!! --- Anna

Just say ok, do what you're told, and always show Your Marauder Pride. At Band Camp, don't be scared. People will love you no matter what. Don't be anyone but yourself. --- Sohini

Be yourself, don't try to be something you are not.  At Band Camp, drink all the Kool-Aid you can, have fun & don't stress about things.  --- anonymous

Always be apart of something, these people are your family, love and treat them right.  At Band Camp: talk, go to the dock, play games & LEARN! Focus! Please don't listen to the hate. Be there for band, not drama. Love Band! --- Hana

Drink plentiful amounts of water and prepare to work hard.  Use common sense.  --- anonymous

What Did You Like Least about Band Camp?

The sun!! Really bad sunburn!

The food could definitely be better.

No Food in the rooms. That hurt. You always need food.


I did not like the lack of chocolate milk during some meals.

The food and the crowded cabins are the two biggest problems at band camp. Girls, prepare to have very little space to call your own.

Waking up early.

People being stupid and making us run.

What Was Your Favorite Activity at Band Camp?

Afternoon breaks with my friends. We would sit on a pink blanket and just get to know each other.  --- Sohini

Getting to know the freshman and breaking them out of their shell. --- Hana

Break time with the Pit.  --- anonymous

After hour shenanigans after evening practice. --- Colin

Practicing drill or night time activities. They are a wonderful opportunity to bond with the other band members. --- Sara

Traditions done after practice.  --- Scott

First day games and the bonfire. First day games break the ice and the bonfire is really enjoyable. Listening and learning from others is pretty cool. --- Anna

Freshman initiation. --- Kyle

Evening Activities. --- anonymous

What Did You Like Least About Being a Marching Marauder?

The fact that not everyone takes the band as seriously as I did. It was very important to me.

The only thing I don't like is the Drama.

I loved every minute. I honestly had no regrets my entire marching band career. Best decision I ever made.

The uniforms by the end of the year are smelly & nasty.

I can't say there is a downside.... --- Kyle

Sweating profusely in the uniforms was unpleasant.

The drama at band camp which is a result of lack of sleep.

What Did You Like Best About Being a Marching Marauder?

What isn't there to like about Marching Band? As a Marching Marauder, you are surrounded by a large group of people that you can consider your family. Before your first day of high school, you will have many friends to support you. I also enjoyed performing; it always brought a smile to my face.  --- Sara

Being able to have fun with friends while (hopefully) being great on the field.  --- Colin

I loved that there was a group of classmates that I would eventually call my best friends. --- Scott

Going to competitions and performing. --- anonymous

The family element and the traditions. --- Kyle

I loved being able to represent by school. School pride is everything & I am honored to be a part of such a program. --- Sohini

The best thing about being a Marching Marauder is being a part of the giant family. --- Hana

The 2014 Detroit Thanksgiving Parade. It was  the greatest band experience I've had in my four years. We were able to show off our awesome group.  --- Anna

Marching Marauder Comments & Advice For New Students

From The Class of 2015 Graduates