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Mercure Park, Rockwood MI Location

Chapman Elementary School Location

Rockwood Memorial Day Parade Details

Please make sure your student does the following before heading to Chapman:
Eats Breakfast!
Drinks Water!
Applies Sunscreen!

** Please let Mr. Brockington or Diane Lawrence know if you can walk in the parade providing water to students. We need about 4-5 adults to help. **


* 8:30-9:00AM - Get Instrument from Carlson Band Room.
* 9:15am - Meet at Chapman Elementary School (on Olmsted)  for Warm-Up.
* 10am - Parade Starts.
* 11am - Parade ends and the band sets up and plays for Memorial Service by the flag in Mercure Park.
* 12:15 pm - Band dismissed - Pick up student at Mercure Park in Rockwood.


* Khaki or Jean Shorts.
* Blue t-shirt (Carlson/Shumate apparel).
* Real Shoes (tennis - NO flip flops or sandals) - otherwise your feet will hurt.

Parade Route:

* Leaves Chapman Elementary and goes down Olmsted heading to Huron River Rd.
* Turns left on Huron River Rd and goes under I-75 heading to Fort Rd.
* Turns left onto Fort Rd and goes to Mercure park, which is on the right side just before the Rockwood Community Center.
* Flag and Memorial service is by the flags in Mercure Park, Rockwood.