We Are The Music Makers, And We Are The Dreamers of Dreams

Join the Carson Marauder's Pep Band for an Experience you won't forget!!

The Carlson Pep Band was established in 2014 by Coach Raymond, the boy's varsity basketball coach. Coach Raymond wanted a student-driven pep band to cheer the basketball team on at their home games.

Annually, Mr. Brockington appoints a student (usually a senior) band director to help organize the band. Sara Engstrom of the Class of 2015 was appointed the first student band director. The student band director organizes and selects the music as well as holding the responsibility of organizing the band. The student band director must be goal-oriented and organized.

All band members are welcome to join the Carlson Pep Band!!

For every home game, the  Carlson Pep Band meets at Carlson to practice before heading to the designated pep area spot in the gymnasium before home basketball games. Occasionally, the band will play the National Anthem before the game begins. On breaks, the pep band has the opportunity to play and engage the audience in lively music.

During the 2014/3015 academic year, the Carlson Pep Band was honored to play at the Shooting for The Stars basketball game. At this game, the Carlson Pep Band cheered for students from the Jo Brighton Skills Center as they experienced being part of a high school basketball game. The Carlson Pep Band also was honored to play at the annual Breast Cancer Awareness hockey game hosted by the Marauders at the Kennedy Ice Rink in Trenton. The Carlson Pep Band members all carpooled to this event with their instruments to cheer on the hockey team.

Being a member of the Carlson Pep Band is definitely an experience that you don't want to miss out on!!