We Are The Music Makers, And We Are The Dreamers of Dreams

 The annual Scholastic Marching Band Clinic will be held at Wayne Memorial High School on September 14th, 2019.

Wayne Memorial - Michigan Marching Page

10:00 AM – Meet at Carlson High School
 Get Dressed in Uniform
 Load Trailer
 Load Beast

11:00 AM – Depart on Buses for Wayne Memorial High School

11:55 AM Arrive – Lunch at Concessions 

(Bring $$ for Concessions)

12:30 PM – Warm-up
 2:00 PM– Perform!!!! (Our performance is immediately followed by a 30min Clinic)

3:00 PM– Load Trailer and Put instruments away

4:00 PM – Depart for Carlson

 5:00 PM - Arrive – Change out of Uniform – Dismiss.

Uniform – LONG Black socks, Hair UP!, SHOW SHIRT, and no jewelry.

This is a Scholastic Marching Band Clinic to provide all bands performing with direction on improving their shows for the upcoming competitions.