We Are The Music Makers, And We Are The Dreamers of Dreams

For those of you who like to have a checklist, you can download this list here.

Bring the Following items to Band CAMP!

INSTRUMENT                  Make sure it is in good playing condition.

                                  Bring your Music, 3 ring binder, reeds, valve oil, reed caps, etc…

WRITING IMPLEMENT        Make sure you have multiple writing tools as well as a couple of extra set books.

WATER BOTTLE               You must have a water bottle – labeled.

 Everyone needs to bring two gallons of drinking water!

BACK PACK                   You need a Pack large enough to carry your water and music to and from the field.

BEDDING                       Either a sleeping bag, or 2 sheets, blanket, pillow -- a plastic sheet is good to cover the


TOILET ARTICLES            2 Bath towels, washcloths, bar of soap, shampoo, deodorant, toothbrush, insect repellant,

                                  shower sandals, Swim Suit and
                                  SUNBLOCK AND LIP PROTECTION FROM THE SUN
                                  Aloe lotion or other skin products

 CLOTHING                    Plan for 7 days of clothing for weather of all sorts. Include shorts, slacks, jeans, light

                                  colored tops, sweaters, sweats, underwear, coat, and towel.

And most important **RAINGEAR**

                                  BLACK OR DARK CLOTHING IS NOT ADVISABLE!! TOO HOT!!

                                  **2 pairs of walking shoes in the event that one gets wet

                                  ** Athletic shoes with good support for marching.


                                  Wear socks at all times, blisters are not fun!!!!!!

                                  NO Sandals

                                  NO “wife beaters”, sports bra, bikini tops                                        

Bring A HAT                *** MANDATORY***
MISCELLANEOUS            Camera, flashlight, clock, sunglasses, fan, radio with headphones permitted after 10:00 P.M.

 Snacks                      All Snacks must be packed in a Shoe Box Sized Plastic container with a sealing lid. 

                                 All snack boxes will be stored in the snack room.