• Backpack or carry sack

  • Sun Screen

  • WATER BOTTLE – Must have this!!!!

  • Pencils (have more than one)

  • Set Books – They are the small dollar store note pads (5" x 3").  Spiral Binder type for students to write down their individual drill information.  Students should have 1 main and a back-up.

  • 3 ring binder for music – with page protectors for music

  • Bug spray

  • Hat to keep sun off

  • Hair ties (Girls or even some guys)

  • Emergency snack – (never know when the hunger pangs will set in)

  • Band aids

  • Extra reeds (woodwinds)

  • Adjustment screwdriver (flutes)

  • Valve oil (brass players)(I recommend putting this in a plastic bag.)

  • Rain Poncho or Coat

  • Electrical Tape

  • Your Instrument!!!!

All Marching Marauder Band students should bring the following items to all practices and Events:


For those of you who like to have a checklist, you can download this list here.

What  Every Marauder Band Student Needs at ALL TIMES!

We Are The Music Makers, And We Are The Dreamers of Dreams

“When in Doubt Bring Everything” – Chris Johnson